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Hoverflight 30 Passenger Ferry  

75 Knots Cruise, 3000 KG Payload  or 30 passengers 

The Worlds Most Profitable Passenger Ferry.  

Movies of Velocity 30 Download will take a few minutes             1.0       Velocity 30 in Harbor   (website}

2.0     Velocity 30 Cruising on Open Ocean  (website}

3.0    Velocity 30 Eco Friendly with Wildlife Silent Propeller (website}

4.0      Velocity 30 Touring the Sea (website}

5.0    All You Tube Videos    (You tube)                                 

More Pictures Click Velocity-30-Hovercraft                                                              


Hoverflight 90 - The Worlds Fastest 90 Seat Passenger Ferry       75 Knots Cruise Speeds over 700 Nautical Miles              Regardless of Sea States

Simply the most Advanced Profitable Passenger Ferry in the world today...

Ideal for High Speed Travel Over Monsoon Seas in Total Comfort for Passengers

Movie of Hoverflight 90 from our Aviation Software.            

Hoverflight 90 Movie  (You tube)

  Hoverflight 90 Passenger Ferry   (website}


The Worlds Fastest 30 Seat Passenger Ferry                                   75 Knots Cruise Speeds over 700 Nautical Miles                      Range for Coastal patrol fuel only payload 2.500 Nautical  miles.

Regardless of Sea States. Simply the most Advanced Profitable Passenger Ferry in the world today...  

Ideal for High Speed Travel Over Monsoon Seas in Total Comfort for Passengers

Movies of Hoverflight 30 from our Aviation Software       Download will take a few minutes                      

 1.0 Hoverflight 30 Cruising Over Sea (website}

2.0 Hoverflight 30 Fly Pass  (website}

 3.0 Hoverflight 30 Port Side View   (website}

Maximum cruise sea speed - 75 knots

Range - 700 nautical miles Fully Loaded.  

Conditions handled - up to Force 6

Operational costs - 1/3rd boat per hour - cruising at x3 the speed

Operational areas - Everywhere - these craft will land in heavy white water sea conditions up to force 6, on short seas, over sea covered reefs, sand, mud or snow.

Alternate configurations - All hovercraft may be fitted with high lift wings allowing it to fly above rough heavy sea conditions in complete comfort.

Wings are easily removed for normal hovercraft operations.

Materials - Marine Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel. Advanced Composites for  Wings.

Survey - Hovercraft / Hoverflight are classified as marine craft and are surveyed by the following departments:

Germanischer Lloyd (GL)                                                                 Lloyds Shipping Register
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Commonwealth of Australia Marine Survey

Velocity-25-Hovercraft                                25 passengers or 2500 kg cargo


Velocity-30-Luxury-Hovercraft                      30 passengers or 3000 kg cargo


Hoverflight 30 - Ground Effect                      30 passengers or 3000 kg cargo                75 knots cruise                                               NEW - see simulator test flight scenes

Velocity 65 Twin Deck / Velocity 90 Hovercraft Single Deck                                   65 / 90 passengers or 6500 / 9000 kg cargo


Hoverflight 90 Ground Effect                       90 passenger or 9000kg cargo 75 knots Cruise                                     

Lady Bernie - Hovercraft

Prototype to test all engineering components over 2 years sea trials. Performed in 8 metre seas & 35 knot winds..



All modular construction:

Easy servicing - power units interchangeable
off the shelf replacement power modules
marine grade componentry



Three Four person professional personal hovercraft, designed for work and rescue, suitable also for personal use or hovercraft rental. Hovercraft can operate on land and water. Go to:-

Luxurious transport - Air-conditioned comfort - Very low sound levels
Ultra smooth ride - one third of comparable boat operating costs

Australian Hovercraft

Click on Beurteaux for Luxury Interiors :


Australian Hovercraft  

Powered by :

Marine Diesels

Click on MAN for Engine Specifications

MAN V12 Twin Turbo Inter-cooled 1,000 KW- 1,360 HP Computerized  Common Rail Injection, Diesel Engine.          Powers 45 to 85 passenger Velocity Hovercraft and 45 to 85 passenger Hoverflight  Wing In Ground Effect (WIG)  Hovercraft





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