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Designers & naval architects have long recognized the need to reduce the hydrodynamic drag on ships hulls, while not inducing the drag of full flight. Using cushions and/or wings in ground effect, a craft is able to stay aloft for a longer period of time with less power requirements and hence fuel economies..

Over the centuries, developments have continued to be made in all manner of high speed marine craft including hydrodynamic monohulls,  fast catamarans, hydrofoils, hovercraft, surface effect ships [SES] and wings in ground effect [WIG].

Air-lubricated hull SES

or Hydrokeel

Sidewall SES

may also be propelled by water jets

Aircat SES

with wide buoyant hulls

Hybrid SES

with rigid sidewalls
and bow skirts
may also be propelled by water jets


propelled by air bled from the cushion fans

Semi-Amphibious SES


Amphibious SES


Velocity Series

Ram-wing SES


Wing in ground effect

also known as:
   Aerofoil boat

Hoverflight Series

Source [02]
and acknowledgements to
EK Liberatore, Aeromar Corporation


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