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Few forms of propulsion for ACV's have been left untried. Those employed so far have ranged from sails to air propellers and waterscrews to waterjets. The type of propulsion employed on any vehicle is governed by the vehicle's application and the overall performance, which needs to be achieved. Air propulsion of one type or another is a more logical choice for an amphibious vehicle, while waterjets or waterscrews are more likely to be specified for vessels designed to operate entirely over water.


Ground Contact Propulsion

   Caterpillar drive
   Pushed by hand
   Towed by tractor
   Towed by horse


Tracked Skimmers / Rail

   Air  propeller
   Gas-turbine jet
   Lincar induction motor


Water Propulsion

   Water Propeller
   Towed by helicopter


Air Propulsion

   Air propellers
   Shrouded air propellers
   Gas-turbine jet
   Towed by  helicopter

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