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It was a century ago when Rudolf Diesel's engine became reality at MAN's facility. The diesel engine has become a major source of power on the world's roads and seas. The diesel engines produced by MAN since the turn of the century have provided the world's motor vehicles, ships and power plants with more than 600 million horsepower (440 million kW). Nearly one out of every two modern ships on the worlds seas is powered by a diesel engine manufactured by MAN. 

Every MAN engine sold is tested at full load prior to leaving the factory

Irrespective of design, all MAN engines have the same basic qualities

Economic operation thanks to low fuel and lube oil consumption

Low weight  - Low emissions - Long service life

Low maintenance effort and spare parts requirement 
Fast pick-up from dead start

Compact construction  - more horse-power in tighter spaces

Water-cooled turbocharger & exhaust pipe

Raw-water-cooled intercooler and heat exchanger

Wastegate, i.e. turbocharger with regulation of charge air pressure

Gear-driven raw water pump

Power take-offs

Electronic engine control and monitoring systems



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