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MAN marine diesel engines are designed on modular principles. This allows for a large proportion of identical parts even in different engine models. Modern production facilities and the latest technology guarantee a high degree of precision in individual engine parts.

Ensuring reliable operation and for outstanding quality and above- average service lives of marine diesel engines from MAN. Designed for optimum economy and a large operating range and precise matching of engine output to propeller design.

Optimum adaptation of the torque &output characteristics of the MAN marine diesel engine is achieved by mechanical control devices in the injection pump. These devices intervene one after the other according to the engines speed and regulate the quantity of fuel injected. 

As one of the worlds leading commercial engine producers, MAN can bring its decisive strengths into play from all branches of the marine industry: with the latest engine technology for optimum exhaust gas and noise emissions and the advantages of large-scale production.

MAN's High-speed Diesel engines are in the top flight of modern engine technology - compact, powerful, economical and environmentally compatible. MAN is the only engine manufacturer to build all its in-line engines for both horizontal, vertical or inclined installation.

They offer everything a modern engine should have:
high-pressure injection, turbocharging, intercooling, water cooling, electronic engine management systems and effective means of reducing noise at the source-on the engine itself.

Today, thanks to their innovative engineering, proverbial quality, and future-orientated environmental compatibility, MAN engines are to be found in many sectors of the marine industry.  MAN offers the know- how, supplies the necessary peripheries and gives expert advice.



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