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Velocity 30  Hovercraft has complete sea trials

Available For Delivery Now. 

Luxury fit outs are our specialty for Private Customised Craft.  

Ideal for super yacht tender. 

Explore any shallow waters, transfer guest to other craft or  isolated shores, great for fishing next to reef, scuba diving, water sports. 

So stable, No motion sickness ever.  

Can be fitted with long range fuel tanks, scuba refill facilities, galley, toilet. air conditioning standard.   


Air conditioning for tropical climates.

Simple to operate for experienced captains

The Magic of Motion 700 RPM-Pitch in Motion Forward & Reverse. Very Quiet in Operation. 

This Marine Propeller is a result of huge amount of Australian Research and Development.

Passengers can travel on the outside deck at 35 knots and talk to the person next to them.  Review the movies at Carnac Island. Seagull and sea lions within a couple of Metres of the running hovercraft.  Their behaviour does not change. 

   Specifications of our test hovercraft

Engine type                   Caterpillar C9   375 Hp                

Propeller diameter        2.44 metre or 8 feet.

Passengers                   10 to 30

Hull length                    14.45 metre

Hull width                     5.0 metre

Cabin width                  2.95 metre

Cabin height                 2.05 metres

Freeboard                    1.346 stationary - 1.746 operating

Hull above water          0.4 metre

Empty weight                Approximately 6 tones

Payload                        Approximately 1.5 tone without                            passengers.

Maximum speed           30 knots  sea speed .

Cruising speed              20 - 35 Knots depending on load sea conditions Wind force


Hoverflight 30 -  12 Passenger- Aluminium
Velocity 30 Hoverflight 30
Hull length
14.50 m 17.50 m
Hull width
  5.00 m   7.00 m
Cabin length
  8.40m+   8.40m
Cabin width
  3.00 m   4.30 m
Cabin height
  1.90 m   1.90 m
  1.07 m   1.07 m
375 HP 6 cylinder
Single 937 HP V12 Doosan Diesel Engine
Propeller diameter
  3.048    4.23 m
Hull above water
  1.00 m   1.00 m
Empty weight
  6.00 ton  7.00 ton
Payload weight
  3.0 ton   3.0 ton
Estimated Speed - max.
 35 knots  80 knots
Estimated Speed - cruising
 25-30 knots  75 knots
2 0 to 30  30 plus luggage
Cruise in Open Ocean Force 6 Wing In Ground Effect Hovercraft.
All specifications estimated in zero wind zero seas.
HoverFlight = Wing in Ground-effect
All craft hulls built to IMO specifications
Specifications may be change to suit customers requirements


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